MYCRM Versions
  • Enterprise Excellence
  • Business Brilliance
  • Marketing Marvel
  • Centralize customer information
  • Manage key dates and milestones
  • Store electronic and physical exhibits
  • Allows addition of custom fields
  • Customer Portal for status updates and submitting complaints/enquiries/service requests
  • Advanced case management facilities
  • Only system with multiple tickets per case
  • Tracks tasks in a single view
  • Customers can view the progress of their enquiry or case via the customer portal
  • KPI tracking via custom SLA/OLA settings
  • Escalation for overdue cases/tickets
How we are different from other CRM systems ?
Advanced Data Mining component
To make accurate predictions about your case patterns and "predict" future cases
One Case With Multiple Ticketing Feature
Allows you to create and assign multiple tickets from a single phone call, email etc...
Inventory Defect Tracking Capability
Track defect and repair details of company product/assets.